Radio radio


We listen to KUTX out of Austin at work. It’s an excellent radio station with great songs by local folks that definitely wouldn’t get played on KEXP. It leans more roots and soul the DJ’s are excellent. They have Dance Party Friday and play cool 70’s and 80’s soul dance music. Any other stations to stream out there?


I listen, almost exclusively, to KCMP - The Current, out on Minnesota. Public radio and it has 5 or 6 channels (themes). Super diverse.


I feel so close to you now.


Is that your jam?


They play the hell out of these guys. Thought it was Alabama Shakes.

Need to investigate further but leaning towards love.


One of my favorite shows is KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic. Lives up to its name, but is dependent on the music director of the show in terms of its leanings. Used to be Nik Harcourt, who went on to be a music supervisor for films and TV. Then it was Jason Bentley, not sure who it is now.

It is west coast, so it is on from 9-12 west coast time.


It’s actually not, the radio hasn’t worked in our Volkswagen for over a year, so I’m just playing playlists on my phone or spinning records for the kids, but the Current is a Minnesotan institution and so you see and hear about it all the time. Lots of bumper stickers. They also played First Aid Kit during their first record, so I appreciated that way back when.


These two college radio stations are great.

WIDR Kalamazoo
I just clicked on and they are playing Mingus!!!

The Globe FM in Goshen Indiana


I haven’t listened to KCRW in awhile, but I used to love when Beck was a guest. I have a few of these shows. He stopped in one time in 2000 and covered Hank’s “Lonesome Whistle” and Daniel Johnston’s “Some Things Last a Long Time” on piano. It’s great.


I listened a lot when I lived in LA, but haven’t kept up. It used to be the best radio show I’ve heard, ever. The eclectic format kept it interesting and turned me on to many new people I would otherwise have maybe never heard. And the guests were always a treat.

No idea if it is still in the same league.


Louisville has a cool radio station WFPK that would be worth checking out.

But I’m old and still play cd’s in the car.