Well shit.


Jason Isbell is going to have to cut that Dylan quote off his arm.


But at least he didn’t have lines from Just Like a Woman on his arm.


I hope the line isn’t from “I Want You” or “One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later)”.


Or You’re a Big Girl Now.


When you think of what he was doing in '65, going electric putting out several albums, it’s hard to believe. Of course I love him so I don’t want to.


But seriously, Isbell has a line from Boots of Spanish Leather tattooed on his arm.


I don’t think there are many artists from the 60s and 70s that didn’t do some shit they shouldn’t have


This is a tough allegation to prove or disprove. At 56 years old, any concrete evidence either way is long gone. On tour? That doesn’t mean gone, unreachable for months at a time. Tours often had two weeks across the Midwest, one week home, two weeks out west, two weeks home, a week down south, etc.

So unless he was in Europe for four months straight, it becomes a porous alibi. A very sticky wicket indeed.


Who knew Ryan was the new Dylan all along.


Can anyone fill in the gaps of where they were other than on the days the writer listed: March 5, 18, and April 3, 9 and 23?

Because by my math that leaves 45 days during that time unaccounted for. And yes, it is cheaper to fly a guy and his guitar home for ten days that it is to put them in a hotel, and that is in fact more commonplace an approach to touring.

Someone who is actually trying to set up a timeline should cross check it with his known studio dates, but it would seem whoever did this doesn’t feel the need to actually do the work necessary to prove where the guy was, and when.

If you want to know if God exists, don’t use the bible as a reference or ask a priest. Go to someone who is willing to do the actual work.


I love Dylan, and this is a terrible accusation. But I’m not going to abdicate logic to decide this is unfounded.

EDIT–used wiki to look up studio dates, none listed during April-May '65. Vague tour dates listed, with “Tour of North America January 29 – April 24, 1965.”

This site has 17 live dates listed from Jan-April 65. Lots of time off.

This one says he did a 15 night tour ending in April 9 Vancouver.


We also don’t know much about the accusations but we do know that allegedly one aspect of it was imprisonment…. She never claimed she was with him all six weeks, she’s saying she was in his apartment and couldn’t leave.


Someone has an exhaustive list of his tour dates, but I have no inclination to find it.


Well, he is a Nobel prize winner in literature, you know …


At this point, all there is is an accusation and zero evidence of any kind. The NY Times has declined to cover it, for that reason it seems.



Heylin said he contacted Dylan’s manager on Tuesday, offering to be an expert witness should the case go to trial.


I’m dismissing this as complete bullshit unless some kind of credible evidence turns up. But, at the same time, a little compassion for the elderly individual making the accusation might be in order as well. Does this individual have all of their faculties? Were they guided to make this accusation 56 years later by others who might gain control of any settlement money? This is so damn strange.