BTW, I’ll still be buying Springtime In New York: The Bootleg Series Vol. 16 (1980-1985) Deluxe (5CD).


I will still enjoy Dylan as much as I did last week. Even if it’s true.


As will I.


Yeah this is the case if the art being bigger than anything. Ryan wouldn’t know.


Although I’d reconsider if there was proof.


Ryan displayed a pattern of behavior. Even if this is true, it is a different sort of case.


This is crazy strange.
I wonder if his recent sale of the rights to his music catalog for millions of dollars triggered this lawsuit.
I’m very curious what type of proof she has or if she’s just hoping he settles with $$$ because he’s 80 years old and doesn’t want to deal with it.


I’m not sure I could if it’s true. Sexual abuse of a twelve year old is not something anything is bigger than.


I agree. We can’t say with any degree of accuracy that we will or won’t boycott Dylan’s catalog at this time if it does turn out to be true. Right now we are taking the innocent until proven guilty approach. But, based on timelines with his tour & documentary it would seem to indicate that the accusations are not credible. And given the fact that this was 56 years ago…we may never know the real truth.


I can. I will be going to his next show in my region no matter what comes out. I will be listening to his music no matter what happens. I understand that others feel differently, and that’s their right. But I find the inability of people to separate the art from the artist puzzling. Ryan is a creep, but that’s not why I’m not listening to his recent output. If it were good, I would. And I would still make jokes about Ryan being a fucking creep. I don’t care about a bunch of millennials trying to cancel people on Twitter.


I agree about separating art from the artist. I’ve always been able to do that. But, this is a whole other level if true. I don’t know if I could. I probably could. I suppose I possess the moral flexibility. And I do care about “millennials trying to cancel people on social media.” I care to the point that I despise those overly judgmental fuckers with every fiber of my being.


As Todd Snider said, “I gotta make my last stand / This time I can’t be bought / Then again on the other hand
/ How much have you got.”


But, this is fucking Bob Dylan’s music. I have all of the official albums. All the deluxe Bootleg Series. I managed to track down downloads of all the “copyright” releases the last several years. His music has been a big part of my life. I don’t think I could just turn it off. Right or wrong, the music I’ve listened to throughout my life is part of me. Hell, one could say that music appreciation has been my life.


Same here. I’ve been listening to Dylan for 30 years. I saw my first Dylan show in '93. It may turn out that he’s a creep too. I won’t invite him to the next dinner party then.

Wait, you purchased Christmas in the Heart?


Yeah, I even listened to it twice.


No, I would rather listen to Wednesdays and Big Colors in full Clockwork Orange style, tied to a chair, than listen to Here Comes Santa Claus.


Here’s the latest from the crack legal team that sued Dylan:

“There are all kinds of things that we have found that support her claims, on the internet, various sources and blogs and stuff. A lot of research has been done on this. We will prove our case in court.”



well as long as they have blogs and stuff…


I was thinking about this some more. I have to deal with enough millennials/judgmental fuckers professionally that I guess the problem will be that one may not be able to say in their presence that one likes Bob Dylan without them immediately saying that he’s “problematic.” And then the problem will be not punching them in the mouth. So, I do care. Like you. Fuck.