Record Labels


Back when there were records there used to be record labels…

I know there still are, but it certainly isn’t the same. There used to be certain level of trust in some of our favorite labels that would lead me to buy albums without even hearing the music or being familiar with the artist.

Some of my favorites:
Flying Fish - Bluegrass
ECM - Jazz
Island - Reggae and Pop
Alligator - Blues
Two Tone - Punk/Ska


ANTI- is my fave


Top 5 Records.


Top 5 would be a bunch of Tom Waits records. Their roster has Mavis, Solomon Burke, Tweedy, Jason Lytle (Grandaddy) Marc Ribot, Calexico, Neko Case.


I meant the label.


I always had an affinity for indie record labels mostly. Twin/Tone, SST, Sub Pop, Matador & Bloodshot to name some. But, the most memorable record label for me is Apple. When I was four years old and always playing my Mom’s Beatles records there was always that picture of an apple on the label of the vinyl.


Apple was another great label back in the day. Loved all my Beatles 45’s… still have a few.

I still identify those songs with their flip sides - Something/Come Together, Hey Jude/Revolution, We Can Work It Out/Day Tripper, etc.

I read today that Oh Boy! Records - John Prime’s label is the longest running artist-owned label.


I also remember when this album came out - First thing I remember seeing on this Artist-run label.

Having your own label was about the only way an artist could ensure they’d have artistic freedom.


Lost Highway Records was pretty good.Had such potential.


There have been a lot of really good labels, without even getting into Jazz.