Reggae Music


I have been a Reggae music lover for decades. Here are some of my favorites.


It’s one genre I’ve never really clicked with myself.


I spent a year in college where I listened to nothing but Bob Marley.

But my thoughts on reggae are pretty much: Bob or nothing. I did see The Wailers live. Pretty fun. Close your eyes and you almost think Bob is there. Also: weed.


I agree completely. Most reggae just sounds the same to me. Bob Marley is the exception.


Friend went to Jamaica for the annual Sunsplash festival back in the late 80’s. He said it was the same band playing the whole time. Each singer would come out and sing a few tunes, then a new guy would come out. Like Karaoke in a way, I guess. Same/same.

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Keeping in mind that Rastafarianism is a chosen race religion, and white people are not part of that race. But they’ll sell the idea for a dollar or two.


All the stuff I listen to is from back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I get that it sounds the same from singer to singer… all of them are so strongly influenced by Bob Marley, but can only copy the easy parts. Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh are the exceptions and get a pass since they were cohorts from the Wailers.

Reggae had a big influence on Punk/NuWave bands in England as well as the whole Ska scene. I really loved some of that stuff too.


The Trojan label had some good stuff. I do favor the earlier 60s stuff, which I didn’t have to suffer through in college. Sounds rawer and less polished, like they didn’t know the Bob formula yet.


I loved a lot of those albums on Trojan and still have some of that on vinyl… even though their business practices were exploitative.



The Bob Marley Songs of Freedom box set is all you really need. I have the old tall book style box set.


If anybody doesn’t have this let me know. I’d buy it again just for “Acoustic Medley” on disc 2.


On African Herbsman there is a meddle with almost every track on the record mashed up into one 3 minute song… called All In One (of course).

It somehow works, which I guess speaks to all that music sounding the same, but do what you like!