RIP thread


What a way to go. Fish pie.

I’d be upset if I went that way.

(Pizza Hawaii: fine)


RIP Butch Trucks.


yeah, read about that one a little while ago.

Lot of musicians we like are getting up there in years. Trying to see those I haven’t seen live now while we have the chance!


I remember thinking the same thing about 25 years ago when all the blues greats were dying off.

Really sad for me as I grew up with the Allman Brothers. Live at the Fillmore was my brother’s favorite record and we listened to it A LOT. When I first started to listen to it I liked it, but I kind of dismissed them as being just another “white guys playing blues” band. The more I listened to it the more I liked it. Soon it became our gateway drug to Jazz.

I’d have to say, now it is among my favorite albums of all time.


Mary Tyler no Moore.


RIP Mary Tyler Moore


Hopefully Mary was with it enough to witness all of the protests. Mary Tyler Moore was perfect in so many ways. The Mary Tyler Moore show did so much for feminism.


RIP, Mary.



Just saw that Butch Trucks committed suicide due to suffering from depression. Heartbreaking.


In front of his wife I read.




He died too? Man, what a week.


Mike Connors (Mannix) Probably only Dougo knows that one.


I sure do remember him… and his secretary Peggy.



Oh holy shit

Meant to come here last weekend and post

But RIP Yordano Ventura


Now Waves royals are really fucked


Yeah that was a shock.


RIP John Hurt