RIP thread


last night my cousin sent me a video of Govt Mule covering Breakdown the night before. I think Warren Haynes has a good voice. But this is what I said to my cousin: That was nice, but going forward these songs will always be missing something when someone else sings them. No one has a voice like Tom Petty.

aside from missing the words at the beginning I think Wilco did a good job and I really like Jeff Tweedy’s voice. But to me these songs will never be as good sung by someone else.

I really liked a Kathleen Edwards cover I heard of A Face In the Crowd. need to post that one here.


the miley got so much worse as it went on. I almost turned it off right away too but I toughed it out. The end was horrendous…but thanks, UV for posting. :neutral_face: :wink:





Here’s another one that’ll make Rodknee cringe, it has Dave Matthews singing Refugee.


god. the rest are amazing but dave matthews should never get to sit w/ those amazing musicians.


I know! When I saw the video on youtube, I missed his name on the list of performers.
I was like, Emmylou, Patti Griffin, this sounds good. I had the video playing and there he was!
I was like, wtf?!




Listened to the anthology for the first time in ages tonight on my streaming service. Forgot how amazing it was…


Good to be King is just flawless



Miley covered Wildflowers again.

This time on Jimmy Fallon and with her dad.

The video is up on youtube. I didn’t want to post it here and upset you guys again. :wink:




perhaps my favorite mike solo…


saw him 2 weekends in a row this summer. the 2nd time was literally a last minute decision, at 4pm bought tickets on craigslist and drove up to toronto and made it just in time for the show.

oddly, the night he had the heart attack i decided to put on highway companion and went through all 4 sides of the LP through headphones at like midnight, with is a time i never really listen to music. it was a weird compulsion that makes total universe-is-bizzare sense now.


This is really good:


Bye Ralphie May. Godspeed.


By the way, not only did I call that Ralphie would die, I also guessed his pall bearers would.


Thank you