RIP thread


I downloaded those two and also “11”


“well she held a bass guitar and she was playing in a band
And she stood just like Bill Wyman now i am her biggest fan”

Behind The Wall of Sleep is such a great song.


I repurchased 11 and Blow Up about 6 months ago. Smithereens were pretty smooth.


RIP Ralph Carney.

Longtime saxophone player for Tom Waits, among many others.


So long Johnny Bower. Only Dougo will know who I mean.


Oh yeah… didn’t know he was still living.

One of the old school goalies that wore scars rather than masks.


Sue Grafton.

D is for Dead.


I guess the alphabet ends with ‘Y’.


RIP Rick Hall, Muscle Shoals and Fame studios.


I haven’t paid attention to them in a long time but I liked them back in the day. It doesn’t say what she died from but she was apparently suffering with back problems. 46 is too young to die. RIP.


RIP Keith Jackson.

The greatest college football announcer ever. Whoa Nellie!


‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke was somehow overlooked here. RIP you ace of spades.


Read “A Statement From The Petty Family”


I saw this earlier today and was going to post it for you but since you’re a fan, I figured you’d read about it sooner or later.


So sad. :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:


Hugh Masekela. I’m not a jazz guy, but some of his stuff was OK by me. Obviously more important than I am giving him credit for.


RIP Mark E. Smith (The Fall).


I remember his performance in Monterey Pop that I liked, but didn’t really get into the popular stuff that much.


Warren Miller


John Mahoney. I loved watching Frasier, and the dad was great.