RIP thread


Sad to read this. :cry:


Tower Records founder Russ Solomon died while drinking whiskey and watching the Oscars last light.


RIP Russ

anyone watch that documentar on tower records?


I haven’t seen it but I read a little about some documentary. Have you seen it?


i’ve seen it.
it’s quite good


Cool. We will look for it.


Saw it. Made me pine (yes, pine!) for the old record store days when the staff were all a bunch of hippies who were pretty much unemployable in the real world.


Stephen Hawking. I hope he’s walking in sunshine now.



Harry Anderson (Night Court)


Wow! Really?

I loved “Night Court”.


Patrick McManus too


I loved Night Court too. My favorite role of his was as Harry “the hat” on Cheers.

Edit: In fact, I once won $100 from a guy using this trick.


Plus I liked that he landed roles where his name was Harry. He’s a cooler Tony Danza.


Loved him in Cheers


Newscaster, Carl Kassel, of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me fame.


Barbara Bush, R.I.P.


I thought she died years ago


“Your success as a family, our success as a society, depends not on what happens at the White House but on what happens inside your house.”
–Barbara Bush

I know this sounds like a typical compassionate conservative bromide, but it’s true to a large degree, isn’t it?

Also, I can’t think about B Bush without thinking of Borat.


i can’t think of barbara bush without thinking about hurricane katrina