RIP thread


dont’ forget Margot Kidder

Lois Lane forever!


Robert Indiana.


Weird coincidence - I have seen both Gord Downie and Margot Kidder in one of my local pubs.


RIP Drake. D00d took a life ending L this week.


I’m wayyyy too intrigued by this.


You miss out on the Pusha T/Drake beef? It’s taken up most of my week.


Oh no, I know what’s up. Just meant I probably should be so interested.


I’ve been a huge Pusha/Clipse fan since Grindin’ came out and I really don’t care for Drake so this one was tailor made for me haha


Yeah, not a Drake fan either. Never listened to Pusha T but all the quotes are killing me.


Pusha went nuclear on him. I don’t think Drake has this level of beef in him.


Nah, he tries to much to be everything. Street, saviour, basketball game ruiner…


I’d also like to say that the system just lightly chastised me for responding to waves repeatedly.


Lol. Me too! Apparently we need to talk to other people.


Or get a room. Fuck Drake. Toronto was just fine before he became our self-appointed ambassador. And he is a complete fraud. Grew up in a upscale old-money neighbourhood. And his recordings are utter shite.


I don’t think I’ve heard a single Drake song. I’m not sure why you need to grow up in a poor area to be able to perform a certain kind of music. I always found that interesting about rap music.

That being said I heard that Tom Hanks has a son who raps and his rhymes are awful. Maybe Ghar-Ghar has a point.


I’ve heard a few songs (for lack of a better word) Tuneless mumbling over a backing track. And my complaint is he claimed in one of his songs that he started out with nothing (or something like that). If he grew up rich and wrote some good songs I wouldn’t care. But I admit it’s partly because we are inundated with Drake news nearly every day here. Kind of like being in England and hearing about it every time a royal scratches his or her arse.


Hey buddy, you and joost should have got a room years ago to consummate your garage band love.


i’m so lost

did drake pass away?


As far as I’m concerned he did.


Nah, he’s just stupid and has a rap “beef” going with a dude that exposed his illegitimate child and that blackface photo. And I think he’s just getting started.