RIP thread


Balv had “beef” for dinner.


Drake was a child actor.

Authenticity issues matter to mostly critics and hard-core fans, and can be found in nearly every genre that in some way demands that the character delivering it live the life of the song (and its content) that they are singing. Otherwise, they are deemed a poser. At times, they create a backstory that sells themselves, despite the truth. (I’m looking at you, Dylan).
For the critics it is an issue of authority of narrative. Hard-core fans want to see a like-minded person giving voice to their experiences.

Drake was a child actor. (I’m looking at you, Jenny Lewis).


I loved Troop Beverly Hills as a kid.

Are you trying to beef with Jenny?? Cause she never claimed to be from the streets. :yum:


I’m starting to get hungry with all this beef talk. Anybody got a bbq they can fire up?


Drake can rap, but I don’t take him seriously as a hip hop artist. He’s a celebrity and a pop star more than anything else. Rappers use these beefs and back and forths to sell records these days, but they’re modeled after rap battles and more serious spats from the 90s/early 00s where more violent outcomes resulted.

Drake and Pusha both have new material coming out and I think Drake assumed this would be another empty battle he could use to promote his new material ala his previous back and forth with Meek Mill over ghostwritten verses. Pusha is an older vet who came up in a different era and is probably a little more invested in talking actual shit and posturing than Drake is. Best part is that Pusha preempted Drake’s planned reveal of his son when he released his new line of Adidas shoes supposedly named after his son Adonis.


oh no!


I know
:cry: :cry:



“Another much maligned food these days is butter. In the world of chefs, however, butter is in everything. Even non-French restaurants—the Northern Italian; the new American, the ones where the chef brags about how he’s “getting away from butter and cream”—throw butter around like crazy. In almost every restaurant worth patronizing, sauces are enriched with mellowing, emulsifying butter. Pastas are tightened with it. Meat and fish are seared with a mixture of butter and oil. Shallots and chicken are caramelized with butter. It’s the first and last thing in almost every pan: the final hit is called “monter au beurre.” In a good restaurant, what this all adds up to is that you could be putting away almost a stick of butter with every meal.” - Bourdain



This one doesn’t make any fucking sense…but do they ever?


they never do bud.



AB seemed like he was clean for a long time and was actually in good health, blue belt in BJJ.

Loved his spirit/attitude in Parts Unknown


So sad. RIP.

Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Williams…
And now Anthony Bourdain.

I drove my car at a high speed off the road in 2016 while i was in a psychotic state wanting to kill myself. Something happened to my brain. It doesn’t make any sense. Sometimes something I side just breaks. I was lucky though


Loved his shows.


RIP Anthony B


He was one my favorite TV personalities, just seemed like he really enjoyed what he was doing and learning about different cultures. He is one of the reasons I started traveling more to off-beat places and continue to experience different types of food wherever I go, so I owe him that. He will be missed, greatly.


RIP Matt “Guitar” Murphy.


Damn. The Blues Brothers soundtrack was the first album I bought, took a couple years before i realized how many fantastic musicians were in the Blues Brothers band. Matt was one of them.


Me too.