RIP thread


Burt Reynolds


Ah, that’s kinda sad. He was a weird dude in his later years. Anyway RIP Burt.


Am I correct in my thinking that his role in Deliverance was his only serious one? I know he did the “action hero” thing for a while but I think he was pretty hokey most of his career.


I think you’re right. He was an iconic cheeseball.


Mac Miller…never heard of him until tonight, but apparently he’s famous (and dead).


Boogie Nights . . ?


RIP Paul Allen. He was pretty cool for a rich dude. Big loss here in the PNW.


My stepfather Don died today on the golf course, doing what he loved. He was 74. He’s been with my mom for the last 15 years and has made her incredibly happy. He was a great fun guy and we will really miss him a lot.


Oh no. I’m sorry LB. Love to your family. My heart goes out to your Mom.


Very sorry for you and your mom’s loss, LB.


Oh no!!!
I’m so sorry Lisa

That fucking sucks
74 or not
How’s your mom holding up?


Looks like a helluva nice guy just by that pic

Handsome smile


Obviously she was devastated and shocked this afternoon. He was golfing alone and the people behind him saw him fall. He was gone already when the ambulance arrived. But she has a lot of friends in her condo community in FL and has been with them since she found out.

I’m just so sad for her. :confused:
They’ve had so much fun together.

He’s been real good to me and Steve too. We’ve gone to see them for vacations the last several years.


So sorry for your family’s loss. :cry:


I’m so sorry for your loss, LB.


So sorry to hear this news Lisa.


I know that feeling when your parent loses their partner suddenly. I don’t live close to my Mom so it’s tough. If you need to relate at any point, Lisa - I’m all ears.


Yeah I don’t live close to my mom either. She lives in MD and FL. I decided to fly to Florida on Friday and spend the weekend with her. Going to be really weird without Don there. Just still shocked by the suddenness of it all, but this is the way to go out. He was doing what he loved and it happened in an instant.


I’m so sorry for your loss.

A couple of years ago, a couple of doctors my wife works with came across a gentleman who was dead from an apparnt heart attack on the golf course. The doctors bought the course an AED machine. The machine was to be left near the carts. Cut to a year later, one of the doctors who purchased the machine went into cardiac arrest (I think) on the course with the other doctor present. The other doctor called for the AED machine he helped purchase and saved the life of the other doctor. The doctor who went into cardiac arrest is still alive and golfing.