RIP thread


Nah, just a little over 6 years.


Wow, long gap. See ya, Albert Finney.


Aww. I liked him. RIP


Peter Tork from the Monkees :sob:


Just saw!! :cry::sob::cry:

He was always my favorite and definitely the cutest of them all. RIP Peter. :kissing_heart:


Apparently Mark Hollis of “Talk Talk” fame died today… He had a wonderful, wonderful life


Yeah just came here to share the news, retired on his own terms more than 20 years ago, thanks for the wonderful music MH .


Mac Wiseman


RIP Mac.


RIP Keith Flint


Luke Perry


damn. 49 and 52
these men are too young.

RIP is right


I think they were working on a reboot 90210 with the old cast.


Omg that’s awful.


I was in high school when 90210 was on. I thought he was dreamy.


I do not find The Prodigy to be dreamy at all. Though I’m sorry he died.


He wasn’t the brains behind the band by a long shot. But yeah it’s very sad… I like most of their stuff and still listen to them sometimes



RIP Ted Lindsay.

Detroit Red Wings and hockey immortal.
The legend of “Terrible Ted” will live on.


Hal Blaine passed away. You should know who he is. Meade, just fuck off for a while. Hal was a drummer without equal in the history of popular music.