RIP thread


i think Dog’s wife?




Take a trip to Dog’s Wikipedia page. His string of marriages (including how he met one of his wives, arresting her for drugs) is insane.

If he starts eating right, he might be able to beat Larry King.


That’s one long Wiki read.


Steve Earle has one more to go be even with Larry King.


If you’re divorced more than once, it’s you.


RIP Mad Magazine and Artie Johnson.



Russell Smith - The Amazing Rhythm Aces RIP



Wow. Two really swampy soul men gone.



Oh damn! I loved his creepy eyes. BR is a an all time favorite film.


Oh, damn! I’ve loved him pre Blade Runner. But his performance in that film was epic.


@joost , remember Film Club? I remember you saying you wish you looked like Rutger Hauer in Turkish Delight. Although, I’m sure he’s been me-three’d because of that film.


The Hitcher was a great 80s B movie–like Blue City and Near Dark.


He was in a great, although obviously slightly despressing, TV movie called Escape from Sobibor, about a WW2 concentration camp. Well worth a watch. Blind Fury was another one of his, which was depressing for other reasons lol.


seen those both.

let’s not forget his role in Batman Begins …love me some Rutger


Hobo With A Shotgun was good grindhouse stuff too.



yep, it sure was.