RIP thread


I got me some catching up to do…


D.A. Pennebaker. Thanks for so, so many good docs.


His style was very influential to all kinds of filmakers.


Some 36 or so innocent people who were the most recent victims of urban terrorist attacks in Idaho and Texas.


Toni Morrison.


She was a great one. I was an English major and read her books in various classes. I took my final senior seminar on her. Like 12 people in the class and we read and studied all of her books in detail. It was pretty cool.


RIP David Berman

Frontman of the Silver Jews.

Here’s a story about him written a month ago…


Well, I’m very late on this one, but just heard about it. Sister Wendy Beckett. Famous TV presenter and notorious penguin.


Sad news… even though it is from December.

I really enjoyed Sister Wendy’s passion and love for art.

Hadn’t seen the show in quite some time, but really liked that show.

Still- not many good shows on Art History.


Peter Fonda


Aww. Just read.


I remember being moved by Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry.


Also I had this poster hanging on my wall as a kid.

The tank and helmet were the only things in color - even though they were bright blue and pinkish-red colored flags… that glowed gloriously under our black light.

Yes, it’s true. I was and still am a hippie.


Larry Taylor. Damn. My all time favorite bass player. I met him at the brim of the stage once. I was watching him pack up his gear and he must have felt it so he turned around and walked over and extended his hand. What a great player. Simplicity at it’s finest.


Oh, that’s terrible news. I loved Larry Taylor’s bass playing on all those great Tom Waits, Canned Heat and John Mayall albums. I have always loved the sound of his upright bass too. Such an understated master.

I remember thinking, while listening to Canned Heat at Woodstock the other day that their guitar player(s) kind of suck, but their bass player and drummer are strong as hell.


Looks like Larry is checking up on your posts:

I’m not surprised that the Mormons are having trouble keeping count:


Utahn Shawn Southwick King

Is it me or does this sound like if you took three different names of Kentucky Derby Finalists and smashed them together?


That Shawn King woman looks like Madame. You know, from Wayland Flowers and.


Neal Casal R.I.P.


Speaking of the film club, the man who made Historias Extraordinarias has made a new one: La Flor. Haven’t seen it yet but I heard it’s a good one.