RIP thread



In case you want to preplan this:


RIP Jimmy Johnson and Donnie Fritts, Muscle Shoals legends.


Gene Wilder

3 years ago


Kind of morbid, but yeah all those folks will pass away at some point. I love that the writer’s touchstones for modern music are Dawes and Big Wreck. Sounds like he should explore some new tunes lmao. Anyway, Dylan will probably outlive us all.


God, I hope so.


god damn it. I love Daniel Johnston




Just saw Ryan post about that, I thought I was reading it wrong. That really sucks, he was such a unique person, glad I was able to see him.


I think I need to see this film.


It’s probably one of the best documentaries I’ve seen, it’s a hard look at how mental illness can throw someone’s whole life out of whack.


Yes you do. It’s fantastic. Be prepared to cry.


Eddie Money from cancer


Just one ticket to paradise?





Too soon?


Not soon enough in my opinion


I saw Eddie Money live. With Motley Crue and Def Leppard. The 80’s were weird.


They still are