RIP thread


RIP Rip Taylor.


RIP Paul Barrere of Little Feat.

Old folks boogie no more. :cry:



Michael J. Pollard. The 70s were his.


My uncle John Cromie died the other day and I went to Bay City to attend his funeral.

He was a really great guy.


Sorry for your loss, Dougo. He looks like a cool guy.


Sorry for your loss. He looks quite cool in that photo.


This looks like it was from “On the Road.”


His mom, my grandma, laid down the law after his older brother rolled that bike that my grandpa bought against her wishes for him and the two boys. They sold it the next day. Their fun was short lived.


Danny Aiello. I love “Jacob’s Ladder” specifically this scene.


I love his character in the best ever terrible movie made: Hudson Hawk.


I love Do The Right Thing.

RIP :pizza:


Rip Roxette


Looks like Lolita lit out.


RIP Neil Innes.

Original Bonzo Dog Band, Rutles member and Monty Python musical collaborator.



He was quite a guy it sounds like. The only thing he feared was sleep.


John Baldessari.



I think you meant to post this in the Rip thread instead.


Rip Torn, Not to be confused with Rip Taylor.

That is the first line on his wiki page. How depressing.