RIP thread


Terrible. I read it was him and his daughter Gianna in that crash.


Sad news.

He was a great basketball player.

Can’t imagine being with your child and knowing you are going to crash in a helicopter.


I’m a huge NBA fan. Never liked Kobe. Was depressed all day.


Not sure if it was mentioned and I missed it, but we’re you guys aware that Pushy Tramp passed away?


No! What happened?


I’m not sure. He popped up in my Facebook memories, so I clicked his profile to see what he’d been up to and it was now preserved in his memory and a family member I believe had shared his obituary. He passed fall of 2018 I believe.




I met him about 10 years ago in London. It was me, malkmess, fried of the devil, dexy, Mickey and Pushy Tramp that all got together for drinks.

He was so nice, hilarious and he mailed me his amazing scarf he wore that night. Class act!


aww man.
pushy was a good dude.

sorry to hear this. thanks for sharing lacey


Thank you for taking the time to post this.


Oh my god, I didn’t know that.

Pushy was great – I probably heard of more new music because of him than anyone else at the old .org.


That’s extremely sad about Pushy.

I still remember some of his funniest lines.

He was always giving Winter_Trees hell, and Trees would share his interests freely on the board, which ranged from cooking to skin care. I remember Trees was off the board for a while and someone asked Pushy where he was.

Pushy responded, “Trees got into a knife fight over the proper way to make a potato dauphinoise.”

Still makes me chuckle.


Sad news. I remember Pushy Tramp fondly from the old dot org days.


Gosh, that is so sad. I remember back in the day when he traveled to the U.S. and was looking for ideas on places to visit.
RIP Pushy Tramp.


:frowning: :cry:


Ha! That sums up his wit so well.

RIP Michael… :cry:



No! I just set up an account here today. But, he kept me in stitches back in the dot org days. So sad.


I was just going to ask if I remembered that you had his scarf. What a memory.


Glad you’re here!!!