RIP thread


Seconded! Good to see you here


Thanks guys. It’s like a bit of a time warp with all these familiar names from so long ago.



Andy Gill


Glad you’re here! And I still have and love that scarf. It gets busted out every winter.


You can never start to celebrate too soon: Rush Limbaugh.


you beat me to it. i came to post something along those lines.


He’s old enough to be on Medicare–death panels, here we come. Amiright, @WillieCash?


Damn you both. I celebrated too soon. Now I’m going to hell. Again.


It couldn’t have happened to a bigger hemorrhoid on the ass of progress.


I’m sorry. I know. It was just such fantastic news that he’s dying, but for now he’s still alive.


So I guess I know where to come and celebrate James Carville’s death without feeling bad.


Wow, people. Just wow.


I have no doubt that if Ryan Adams dies of fatty liver tomorrow or Meniere’s disease of the scrotum or what have you, you’ll be here celebrating.


I hope I live out my days never knowing the harrowing fear of death that grows with the slowly lifting veil that vigor’s powerful arrogance has allowed me to use to hide the inescapable truth that I have lived my life as a hypocritical vain sack of shit that sold lies and hate to people without the mental acuity to know they were being played for my personal financial gain.

And my uppance is coming.


I’d never celebrate anyone’s death but I did finish pretty strong in the celebrity death pool.



right. fucking. here.


took the words right out of my mouth.


I don’t want to see anybody suffer, but I can’t say I’m saddened his time will be over soon.

I’m sure he must have people in his life who love him. But by and large, the world is a worse place for Rush having lived.


Rush has no children. That is comforting.