RIP thread



Exactly 10 years ago from his death on Sunday JTE played this free concert at the Kalamazoo Public Library. I didn’t hear anything about the show until after it had happened, but I remember watching this video of the show.



Our friend Neal died one year ago today :cry:


And Steve Earle will play on the tribute album.


Chadwick Boseman, colon cancer. :frowning:


Damn :disappointed_relieved:


Tom Seaver died.

He was my hero growing up. My brother loved the Cubs and they were looking to win it in 1969 until the Mets, who I adopted as my team because they were the Cubs nemesis, came from several games back to beat them out for the pennant. The Miracle Mets went on to win the World Series that year. My dad took us to see the Mets play the St. Louis Cardinals at Bush Stadium the year before… because we happened to be driving through. I loved the lovable losers that beat the Cardinals that day. The Tigers, who beat the Cardinals in the WS that year in the American League and the Mets in the National League were “my teams”.


and lou brock died.


I heard that.

He was the guy that was a great base runner, but neglected to slide into the plate in the World Series against the Tigers. He got thrown out by an eyelash, and the Tigers went on to win the series after the momentum turned on that play.

I remember it like yesterday even though it was in 1968. As a ten-year-old I cared.


RIP Toots Hibbert.

Toots and the Maytals were one of my favorites, but I was never lucky enough to see them in concert.


The girl from Facts of Life?


That’s Tootie.


The cross-dressing Dustin Hoffman?


That’s Tootsie.


The ancient egyptian pharaoh?



Very cool.
Such a sad story.


Oh shit. RBG. This is bad.


We’re fucked.