RIP thread


If ever there was a need for an extended Weekend at Bernie’s operation, this was it.


I’ve been crying since I’ve heard. Bye bye democracy.


I did all these things! :muscle:t2:


Just happened to check something out re John Belushi, and found out that the woman who gave him the fatal speedball recently died. I always thought he’d done it himself.




Mac Davis and Helen Reddy R.I.P.


I am worm food, here no more.


Eddie Van Halen. Throat cancer.


Cardinals Great…bob gibson


Yeah, too bad about Eddie.


RIP Eddie. One of the greatest. Sad to hear.


Van Halen I was revolutionary. That shit changed everything.

Good job Eddie.


Yep I still listen to that regularly.


I felt mildly corny listening to Van Halen, but I’m glad I’m not alone. I LOVED his stuff.


Big Red Machine lost a cog - Joe Morgan.


I used to love watching that team growing up. Morgan along with George Foster, Bernie Carbo, Tony Perez, Dave Concepcion, Pete Rose and Johnny Bench.


Jerry Jeff Walker.




RIP Billy Joe Shaver.

A tough week for outlaw country pioneers. Better lock Willie up for safe keeping.