RIP thread


Sweet Jesus.


RIP Sean Connery.

The only Mr. Bond I recognize.


The only Connery I recognize.


One of my best friends is named James Bond.

His middle name is Aaron and he goes by Aaron Bond, but he was born in 1967… or something.


Has he managed to progress into middle-age without ever once using the ‘Bond…James Bond’ line in an attempt to get laid?

Pretty sure I could not have avoided it in the same circumstance.


My last name begins with Bond and when my dad used to make reservations he always just said Bond rather than spell out the whole name.

You can imagine the amount of times they called him James.

His name was Sam.


I’m sure Aaron, er Mr. Bond used every trick and gadget available to him back in the day.




He was holding out for Sean Connery.


David Prowse, who was in the Darth Vader suit in the original trilogy (at least), has gone to join the rest of the Jedi in the afterlife


Charley Pride


One of the great voices.



RIP Leslie West.

I was raised on a steady diet of Mountain, Deep Purple, Grand Funk and Black Sabbath.



RIP Tony Rice.

I love the Pizza Tapes and just listened to this album last weeks and remembered how phenomenal he was. An acoustic guitar giant for sure.


never heard of em


In my opinion he was an even better flat picker than Billy Strings… and that is saying something.


When they cremate him, they’re making Tony Rice crispies.

I do know who he is, and he is an exemplary player in his genre.


Sorry to hear of Alto Reed’s passing. He was Bob Seger’s sax man and I saw him play above us in a hot air balloon at the Michigan Jam back in the mid 70’s. That was a good time!