RIP thread


aww man…just saw this…missed it over the holidays.



Hammering Hank was one of my heroes growing up.


He was a stellar player when natural ability was still the reason players were exceptional or successful.


He was also black at a time when there were not a lot of black people


I used to have 16 different Hank Aaron baseball cards. When I went away to college my mom sold all my baseball cards at a garage sale for $1. I did inherit my brothers collection, which was about the same size, but he was a Cubs fan and had a lot more of those guys. I still have all those cards and there are maybe 4 or 5 Aarons.


I was lucky enough to go to the 1971 All Star game at Tiger stadium in Detroit. Hank Aaron played in that game with about 30 more hall of famers. Reggie Jackson hit one over the roof.


holy shit. what a memory!

i too have a ton of cards. thankfully my mom didn’t sell em.

i have a hank aaron and my most prized one is the cal ripken jr rookie card.


I’ve got a few extra Ron Santos if you want to make a trade.


R.I.P. Larry King


My friend’s mom used to write letters back and forth to Larry King for years. He seemed to be a pretty good guy.



who is doris cleachman?


Who was.


Awwwwww she was so cool. I only saw her in later movies such as Bad Santa and Spanglish, but she stole the show in those




Did you call Nick at home?


No shit. He texted me!


He was so young. His life just came to a screeching halt.