RIP thread


you can do better.


I heard he was a real dick.


Screech will be interred in a locker.


And, in the end, he was not saved by the bell.


RIP Ricky Powell, photographer and sort of Beastie Boy.




RIP Leon Spinks.

He lived in Kalamazoo, right down the road from the Westnedge Meijers. Just about everybody in town saw him in there at least once, usually with a girl on each arm and a full-length fur coat. He was a really nice guy, I guess. I never met him or saw him in town. A lot of interesting stories going around town about people’s interactions with him.


My family always watched the fights as most mexican families do. I remember being a kid around the time of that Ali fight. We loved Leon.


Leon had Mr. T as a bodyguard. He was awesome.


Larry Flynt.


I always appreciated that every month Flynt mailed a copy of Hustler to every single person in congress.


RIP Chick Corea

He was one of my favorite musicians growing up. I loved his playing with Miles, his solo acoustic work, his electrified work and Loved Return to Forever. I was lucky enough to see him solo and with RTF.

One of my heroes.



In high school I was ‘gifted’ so as an upperclassman I would leave school early and bus it downtown to DC and gather papers and information at the FTC for a watchdog magazine. It was really just a lot of copying stuff and getting to know the federal workers in the press room.

Once a week I would go to the Justice Department to see what they doing vis a vis business stuff. At some point a group of congresmen got together to sue Larry Flynt for giving free Hustler subscriptions to all 535 members.

Out of those 535, I think there were 11 or 15 that signed the lawsuit. That’s all they could muster.


limbaugh…gone too soon.

trump next? please…dear lord of mighty mercy??? take one more piece of shit with you.



Is that fat piece of divisive lying garbage dead? If so let me be the first to say it couldn’t have happened to someone more deserving.




Trump won’t die. Neither his supporters or detractors will let that happen. He’s out of office & seemingly has no platform to speak. But, the Democrats, Republicans & the media are still keeping him relevant. We should let Trump fade away. Out with a whimper. But, I still see him in the news just as much as our current Commander In Chief. And he’s such an egomaniacal asshole that he’s probably loving every minute of it. I doubt that he cares if it’s negative publicity. Of course, if he really did technically kick the bucket I might have to break my 14 months sobriety & have a celebratory drink.


Are we sure Rush is actually dead and not just exaggerating the effects of death?


if you don’t want to break sobriety…trust me…i’ll have my share and yours in mixed drinks, beers, and whatever else i can do to celebrate the passing of Earth’s biggest piece of shit.