RIP thread


Thanks!! I’ll take you up on that. I’m kinda digging the sober thing for now.






Just found Hank Aaron’s autograph that I forgot I had.


Lawrence Ferlinghetti


Aww, time came for him.


Too early to try out some Tiger headlines?

“Tiger Woods Finishes Career 6 Under”


Tiger veers off the fairway, into the bunker.


“Tiger Woods Dead at 45. Back Surgery Scheduled for Thursday”


‘Tiger Woods, toothless Waffle House waitress thrown clear of their clothes in roll-over wreck’


Tiger’s roar is no more!!! And your exciting financial future!!!


Tiger’s driver failed him.


Tiger Loses Legs in Accident. Now A Handicap Golfer.


Bunny Wailer has left us. RIP.


Blackheart Man is one of my most treasured albums.

My review of Blackheart Man.



Sad. Last of The Wailers.

I got to see The Wailers. It was awesome. Closed my eyes and it almost sounded like Bob was up there.


George Segal. Gonna miss you. From Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolfe to the Goldbergs, such a long and rewarding body of work. RIP.


Jessica Walter. She was the best character on Arrested Development.