RIP thread


57 is too young…. And complications from type II diabetes? You really have to question if the US is a first world country.


Not Biz!


This is from Mike D…

We are so grateful to have had so many unforgettable experiences with the truly unique and ridiculously talented Biz Markie. We will miss his presence deeply in so many ways. In the Nineties, Biz would often show up at our G Son studio in Atwater, CA. Naturally every visit would start with a trip to the candy store — which in this case was actually a liquor store across the street. Regardless, he would always return happy with a brown paper bag full of treats. Once he had his sugar fix, he would typically grab a mic and sing whatever song he wanted, looking at us as if we’d know exactly what to play — and somehow he was usually right.

Reminds me of the bit from Patrice O’Neal when he said he found out about his diabetes when his girlfriend said “your piss tastes like birthday cake.”


Patrice O’Neal is literally my most favorite stand up comedian of all time. RIP to a real one. 🧁



I beg to differ…


They were supposed to have a show here last week. They cancelled the day before they were supposed to play.


There was a concert here 2 summers ago, Texas Pop Festival 50th Anniversary. zz Top were the headliners. I refused to go. el oh el


He might be dead but that beard still has a few years left.


Ron Popeil

“Set it and forget it!” - Ron Popeil
"I’d buy that for a dollar!" - Ron Popeil
"This town needs an enema!" Ron Popeil


Nanci Griffith. Not sure I’d know how to write songs if not for her. She’s an angel to me. RIP.


That’s very sad. She was a favorite of mine.


Such a voice and spirit. Sucks.


I was expecting Charlie Watts


Yeah, this is why I shouldn’t read this site. Haven’t got a fucking clue who you lot are on about, most of the time…


who the fuck are you?


we love you gary…especially your British wit


A truly great American songwriter. Played with Townes, Emmylou, John Prine. Yeah you’re probably on the wrong site.


My first wife and I saw her on our honeymoon. We drove from Indiana to DC to see Emmylou and Lucinda, and then drove back to Kentucky to see Nanci Griffth. We saw her one more time with the Crickets, Buddy Holly’s band, in Cincinnati in the 90s. She was really great.


I only got to see her live three times. The first time was at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano. She was a stunning live performer.


That’s sad and surprising news. I like her music and respect her talent.