RIP thread


Young to go as well, sad day.


Other Voices, Other Rooms was just such a brilliant album. I learned so much about what songwriters to seek out from listening to that album. She was also incredibly generous in helping other musicians with their careers. She helped Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen get their start. She helped get Kelly Willis her first recording contract.

Here she’s singing backup on Robert Earl Keen’s first album:


When I was around 17 a friend gave me a mixtape that started with 5 of her songs from One Fair Summers Eve. That album really showcases her talent of putting you in the palm if her hand during live shows. I learned around 10 of her songs after that and began writing my own.

Some time around the late 90s I won tickets to her concert but had already bought tickets so I gave our pair to my husband’s uncle, a studio musician up here who plays with the Heart crew from time to time. He’d never heard of her. After that night he finally began writing his only solo album.

I had joined a Nanci Griffith appreciation board a year or so ago and am so glad I did now. The stories are wonderful and it’s good to see someone who meant so much to me that few people seem to know get the love she deserves.


Was hoping this very funny guy would be alright in the end…


Rest In Peace Bill Freehan, one of the best catchers to play the game.




You were right.


Damn. Not Charlie.


Sad news about Charlie Watts.


Man. I’m sorry, UV and all.

I had my tickets to see them for the first time and it got canceled bc MF COVID.


Really sad day, legendary drummer.


Man this thread is morbid lmao




RIP - Allen Woody, bassist and founding member of Gov’t Mule and former bassist for the Allman Brothers.


Rest In Peace Lee “Scratch” Perry. I just watched an interesting documentary on him recently… never knew his life story.



Marcus Birks died of Covid today. He was only 40. Prick didn’t believe in vaccines. Oh well!


love it when that happens!!


On that note: Hope Van Morrison stays indoors, though (Three Cords & the Truth was surprisingly good). But a couple of weeks in intensive care would probably do him some good.


This one actually got to me a little bit. One of the few real leftists in Hollywood and he was originally from Kansas City. I used to work with a guy at Pizza Hut that claimed he would buy weed from Asner’s brother lol (who apparently owned a record store here for years). Anyway, Ed was a great guy who was an advocate for kids with autism and disabilities and I was sad to see him go even in his 90s.