RIP thread


He was musically talented, unlike his bandmates.



My brother and I were very into The Monkees in the 80’s when the old episodes starting airing again on MTV or Nickelodeon or somewhere.

We’d stay up late for the marathons and got the music and just loved it.

Sad to hear this news today.


Anne Rice


She undead.


Joan Didion, now slouching towards heaven.


:cry: loved her.


She was an American treasure. 2021 was apparently not done with us all yet.


Really, no love for Joan Didion? She is an American non-fiction literary icon.



yes. i’ll give some love for didion.


Where’s a good place to start with JD? Slouching…?


RIP Sidney Poitier


We were just watching Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner this week.


Slouching is a really great look at LA life in the late 60s, among other things, and announced her arrival in book form. The White Album is also great, and I like Miami, having spent so much time there.

After Henry is a great deep cut.

The doc ‘Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold’ is really great, on Netflix I believe.


i thought he already died?

RIP Chris Farley


He’s thinking Peter Bogdonovich.




I grew up watching Sidney Poitier movies and always thought To Sir With Love was a great film.


Ah, so cheeky.




Read Play it as it Lays in grad school and loved it. During the lockdown last year read the Last Thing He Wanted and didn’t care for it as much. Kind of boring. Havent read anything else.