RIP thread


I think the ones I mentioned to Ely are worth re-viewing. Slouching is just a great and broad portrait of a place and time.


The Year of Magical Thinking became a critical favorite and something of a little bestseller here in Sweden. She was translated but not that widely known before.


Bob Saget


Just heard this. That’s terrible.


He truly told the best Aristocrats joke.


Better than Sarah Silverman’s?


Bob’s version stuck with me since I was only familiar with him through his family friendly entertainment persona from Full House at that point (I live in the popular cultural backwaters of Sweden). Sarah and Gilbert Gotfried’s versions were of course also for the ages, but Bob created more of a get-the-f-fuck-away-from-those-innocent-kids effect.


This starts at Sarah Silverman’s performance. In these sad times, where the millennials are taking the fun out of everything, we need more Sarah Silverman.


Saget always confused me. I felt like he spent 30 years trying way too hard to reverse what everyone thought of him. It felt sad. I know he was a blue comic before Full House, but it always felt like he was going so hard. I didn’t find him particularly funny.

That said…. By all accounts he was a ridiculously kind man. Comics always talk about how he was the sweetest man in Hollywood. Like Henry Winkler sweet.


Agree with Nick. My wife told me that her family muted Saget when they watched FHVs together.


10-1 it was autoerotic asphyxiation.


Yep. You almost have to try to die in a hotel these days.


Jason Isbell wrote a song about that.


Damn, 2022 got Robert Durst too!


2022 coming out the gate hard.


Damn that fucker didn’t deserve to die.


An old-fashioned heart attack might be a safer bet.


Ronnie Spector


Really loved her.


RIP Prince Andrew. Well, he might as well be, now he’s been stripped of his HRH. He’ll be working at a soup kitchen next week, and selling The Big Issue.