RIP thread


The one thing Meatloaf wouldn’t do for love was get vaccinated. Damn, I always assumed it was anal.


Fluoride in drinking water is a weird one. The ADA says the best benefits are from swishing with fluoride, not drinking it.

Most of the EU countries don’t do fluoridated water

We remove it from our water with a filter, but my kids brush with fluoride toothpaste and do a fluoride rinse (almost every night).


Which rinse do you use?


i use listerine and therabreath
i too brush with toothpaste that has fluoride in it



i love Tom’s deodarant

i’ll never use anything else again. i smell better and my arm pits/glands are not swollen. might be psychosomatic but my arm pits took a beating with old spice and axe.
i’ve been on tom’s since september …no swollenness


I always thought Axe was supposed to make your glands swell up?


RIP Howard Hessman


Awww. He totally reminded me of my dad.


Howard Hessman seemed cool.


Yeah always enjoyed him. My brain reflexively goes to Herman Hesse (author of Siddhartha) when I see his name though.


Ivan Reitman should get a nod…even though it was Feb 12


Dallas Good of The Sadies passed a few days ago. Big loss for the Toronto music scene and music in general.


Neko Case with the Sadies:


I’m just floored by this. I absolutely love The Sadies. Dallas in particular. I wish I could love him to life.

A bit of showmanship from Dallas & Travis on this one. They were just one of the best live acts around.


Just heard Mark Lanegan died. This can’t be good, he was too young to go smoothly.


What the actual fuck!! Another one of my al time favorite musicians now gone. In just a matter of days. Is a member of The Replacements next? Christ!! Maybe Robert Pollard? I can’t imagine his liver is in all that good of shape. I own every one of Lanegan’s records from Screaming Trees, solo, etc. LP, EP, B sides, etc. This is just one of the all time shitty Februaries.


Oh, wow! That is really heartbreaking for me. :frowning:


wow. 57 is way too young.

rip mark