RIP thread


Been following Mark since 87 when I picked up a Screaming Trees record. What is really tragic is that imo the last 10 years have been his most consistent - as if he had finally found the sound he wanted. One of the great voices out there. He was one of a kind.


I’d like to have a conversation with the Wikipedia editors that probably get an erection from the rush of immediately changing the instances of “is” to “was.” I bet multiple editors had Betty White’s Wikipedia entry open in a tab for years.


They’re probably still keeping Abe Vigoda’s entry open, just in case.


It’s a huge life accomplishment for me that I personally added all information about Rory Culkin’s marriage to his Wikipedia page the weekend it happened. Apart from that I have only meddled with one other article.


Quite an obscure item to ladyboner about.


It’s probably because I’m old, but this is new to me.


I’m sure I’ve shared this before, but here’s a pic of me and Abe Vigoda. I waited on him like 12 years ago. It was a private party so he was with me for four hours.

So nice. I brought him a lot of coffee. :coffee:



Takes a lot of caffein to keep that old motor running.


William Hurt passed away today.


Aww. He was a great actor.
Just watched in Goliath.


71 years is no age for a icon of subtlety.


When I was young, my dentist gave me fluoride rinse every time I got my teeth cleaned. In my 40s now and one mild cavity.



Alison Hawkins the illustrator is about to have a very strange time. All those gross exploitative biography sites that post profiles of widows they thoughtfully backdate two days into the past are talking about this woman, not his actual wife.


(I’m going to make a joke now for when John Densmore or Robbie Krieger of The Doors dies. I am doing this so everyone knows I made the joke first.)

Robbie Krieger (or John Densmore) passed away today at the age of 80. John Densmore (or Robbie Krieger) has now formed his own new band called 3 Doors Down.


I hope they have a nice Fooneral service.


Taylor made, no doubt


I wonder if Krieger has chosen cremation…


He chose funeral pyre


Yeah, but someone still has to…you know…