RIP thread


RIP Julee Cruise.

I was addicted to Twin Peaks.


Women’s rights.

And it looks like gay rights, same sex marriage, and contraception are on life support.

Edit: Nick beat me to it.




Aww, and Bill Russell.


Bill Russell was one of the greatest.


Two real beauties. Dang.


RIP Vin Scully.


And that one…is outta there.

Listened to Vin Scully call many games when I lived in LA. 3rd base coach is waving you in Vin.


Olivia Newton John dead from metastatic chills.

Edit: fuck that was Travolta’s line. Would have been solid.


Please forget I made that joke when John Travolta dies.


Deceased…is the word.




Have You Never Been Mellow?


Lamont Dozier. Now there’s an ocean-sized talent. Godspeed Lamont.

The hit list.


That’s an amazing list of Motown classics. I think this is one of my favorite covers of one of his songs.


I have been thinking about Olivia Newton John lately and I think she was an artist a few decades before her time. Producers nowadays are great at making people with average singing voices sound great and she was beautiful and could dance - Those two things are much more important than talent in the music world today.




Prince Charles breaking the news tomorrow

— Brent By Accident (@BrentByAccident) September 8, 2022


Not the king we want, but the one we deserve.


Well, there is also a wee one, Albert. Seems a bit reclusive these days. Fancies girls on the younger side, so I have heard.