RIP thread


I can’t talk shit. She was a faithful wife to her cousin for 73 years.


I bet Johnny Rotten feels like a real jerk.


RIP ma’am.


Love the Irish.


Interesting week to take a first-ever visit/vacation to London.


I have been waiting, with the rest of the world, for him to make some sort of comment. You know his phone is ringing off the hook from reporters of all sorts.




RIP Loretta Lynn.

No relation to Jeff.


Oh dang. My mom has called me Loretta forever. Love her. :heart:


Aren’t we due for some really shitty person to die?!


I heard a rumor the big dumbpling isn’t feeling well.



I have a “Rated X” pin on my guitar strap. :disappointed:


She’s off to the great Fist City in the sky.


I’m seeing Kelsey Walden tomorrow. I’m expecting some Loretta Lynn covers.


Robbie Coltrane. :frowning:


Yes, that’s a real sad one for me. All my life he’s been on TV here in something. Great actor.


Rusty, the famous red panda from the National Zoo.



I hear he was quite the anti-Semite