RIP thread


I’m sorry for your loss. :cry:


great balls of fire.


Someone who makes Ryan look like a choirboy in every possible way.


The Killer died.



I live Low. This one hurts.


RIP Gallagher.


just came across my cnn…i’ve never heard of this guy.

rip Aaron Carter…had no idea who he was either…


I have a lot of feelings about Aaron Carter, but figured this just wasn’t the audience for them.


Gallagher was well known for his “sledge o matic” and during his tour people sitting near the stage had to wear raincoats or plastic trash bags because they ended up covered in various smashed melons during his Sledge O Matic pitch.


i mean…let’s hear it!?!


rest in pieces.


Can I just say that it’s a Brad-Renfro-was-molested adjacent tragedy and leave it at that?

If you really want to get into this rabbit hole with me, this is an absolutely breathtaking piece of True Crime writing.

Here’s the TL; DR on my feelings: Aaron was molested, his brother was an asshole, now he’s dead at 34 as a result of mental illness, and his 11 month old daughter will never know her father.


Re: Gallagher

I was like, certainly if one of the assholes from Oasis died they would say which one…


Awwww….Michael fucking Jackson


So Here is something interesting and really weird about Gallagher…

Conflict with brother
In the early 1990s, Gallagher’s younger brother Ron asked him for permission to perform shows using Gallagher’s trademark Sledge-O-Matic routine. Leo granted his permission on the condition that Ron, who shared a strong likeness to Leo, and his manager clarified in promotional materials that it was Ron Gallagher, not Leo Gallagher, who was performing. Ron typically performed in venues smaller than those in which Leo Gallagher performed. After several years, Ron began promoting his act as Gallagher Too or Gallagher Two. In some instances, Ron’s act was promoted in a way that left unclear the fact that he was not the original Gallagher.[10][11] This, and Ron’s off-stage troubles, left a stain on Leo’s reputation as well.[citation needed]

Leo initially responded by requesting only that his brother not use the Sledge-O-Matic routine. Ron nonetheless continued to tour as Gallagher Too using the routine. In August 2000, Leo sued his brother for trademark violations and false advertising.[10] The courts ultimately sided with Leo, and granted an injunction prohibiting Ron from performing any act that impersonated his brother in small clubs and venues. This injunction also prohibited Ron from intentionally bearing likeness to Leo.[11]

So Gallagher kept his brother from intentionally looking like his brother.


Yeah, I read that too. Hilarious.

It will all come out in the Gallagher biopic coming out staring Ron as himself and his brother.


This is like when the remaining members of CCR sued John Fogerty for sounding like CCR.


Irene Cara. Somehow that Song and the movie Flashdance will always remind me of my first date.


Aww. RIP.
It will always remind me of a dance we did in middle school to that song. :yellow_heart: