RIP thread


Really young, sad news.


This sent us down a pedophilia wormhole we wanted no part of.


She was 54 years old?


She was married to Michael Jackson and his stepson put a rifle in his mouth at 27. She had twins with a child pornographer.


Oh. My bad. Actually, I only remembered that she was married to Nicholas Cage (!). I also seem to recollect that her father had some fame in his time.


Her dad was who now?


Macaulay Culkin


Oh my fucking god you literally just knocked the wind out of me thinking he DIED.

No. But Mac Culkin IS godfather to Paris Jackson!


I’ve been inside Lisa Marie.

The plane.

Too soon?


No, too late.


This is a crushing blow.

Rock on in Peace and Love, Mr Crosby.


Anyone who hasn’t smoked a bowl and listened to ‘If I Could Only Remember my Name’ should. Sooner the better. If you don’t smoke, maybe sip a whiskey and make sure you won’t be bothered while you listen.


i might have to do this.


One of my absolute favorite albums of all time.

The outtakes too, with Jerry Garcia etc. Incredible music and recording.

Between him and Jeff Beck, this has been a rough start to a new year. These two mean more to me personally than Bowie, Prince or Petty.


Me too. Will do this weekend.



Is that the thing that’s bootlegged called David and the Dicks?


I’ve never heard that, but it could be.

I got some of the recordings from the internet Music Archive years ago… not sure if they are still up on there.


At least old “steel nose” is still around.


Would the king have approved? At first I balked. Then Axl’s performance made me realize that “November Rain” have similarities with “Kentucky Rain”. The dressed-up but ragged performance at least brung out some unexpected qualities in the song.

EDIT: Mr Corgan should of course been kept of the grounds with a stick.