RIP thread




Do you think that I have gotten things wrong about Axl or that Corgan should not be threatened with a stick (have the bald one’s albums since the mid 90s numbed my aesthetic judgement of his current work)?


Hopefully Frances Bean Cobain never dies is all I have to say.


I dropped those Croz gems in the Dropbox.

These are the ones from the old Archive.


Just found this video taken at the Palace of Auburn Hills on their first show back together after about 25 years.

I was there with a great group of friends sitting up close.


Tom Verlaine…shit, this one hurts. Loved Television. Loved his (underrated) solo work. I read Creem religiously back in the 70’s . When I saw articles about this new scene in NY out of some dive called CBGB’s it struck a nerve. I had to hear that stuff. I met Bob Gruen once. I told him about a picture he took of The Ramones outside of CBGBs made me want to hear them. He was complimented. That was how mystical it was back then. It was pictures and magazine articles. I had to hear Television and when Marquee Moon came out I had to hear it and wasn’t disappointed - to say the least. So new and different. I followed Television and Tom’s solo career. Somehow his death makes those days seem far away and close at the same time. So long Tom, and thanks for the music.


Amanda Petrusich wrote a lovely obituary.


Patty Smith wrote a great obituary for Tom Verlaine.


RIP Burt Bacharach.

KEXP is playing all kinds of versions of his songs. I’m in absolute heaven. Cat Power doing What the World Needs Now.


So many great melodies. He’s our American Bossa Nova-ist. He seemed to understand saudade.



I love that first album they did. Toldeo is such a joy.


Brian “GoldFalcon” Holbrook passed away this morning.

I don’t have much in the way of details, but his long term health issues finally got the best of him after a long, heroic fight. I joked with him once that he was like Hyman Roth from “The Godfather II” whom Michael Corleone said was “Dying from the same heart attack for the last twenty years”

I know he held many of the folks here in high regard and was beyond touched at the gift we sent him last fall. I, for one, am richer for having known him. I’m sure others here can say the same.


Thanks for the update, he was colorful and insightful.


Sorry to hear this news.

Gold Falcon was quite a talented guy, I always enjoyed his music, opinions and unending love for Gillian Welch.


Godspeed, GF.


Thanks for letting us know. RIP big man.


Damn it.


same. i just loved his stalwart logic and thoughtful writing.

rip GF


I remember him well. Didn’t always agree with him, but he stood behind what he was saying in a strong way. Sad news.