RIP thread


I am sorry to hear of Brian’s passing, and thank you for sharing this information.
Thank you for inviting us to participate in sending a gift to Brian last fall as well.
We could not have participated if it wasn’t for you and your suggestion to pay an act of kindness forward.
You are of pure heart, WillieCash :heart:


I was happy to be part of helping him out and touched at all the participation.

I’m sure I will be back to being a reliable source of dick jokes in the near future.

In the meantime…


Thanks Willie. Nice obit that.


You guys sure do know how to bury the lede. From the way you talked about him, I thought he was a Tucker Carlson Jan 6ther, and here I find out he was a communist? Damn, had I known I would have done more than read tarot for Balv. Like knitted him a fair-isle hat.


He was both depending on what time period you are talking about. Well… maybe not Tucker Carlson… but firmly on the right.

There was a point on the old board where he and I were the resident conservative loons. While we were both pretty right wing for the time, we would have looked like moderates by today’s standards. We both evolved pretty drastically from this over the years. If you know this for context, his post about the food package we sent makes a bit more sense.

Balv, I don’t want to speak for you but as I recall you were fairly staunch about libertarian ideals way back when. Not sure if those views have changed or not and I’m not judging you if they haven’t

At this point I’m kind of a “libertarian Democrat” along the line of Jared Polis. I think he was left of me by the time he passed.

It was one of the best things about the old board. It was a great mix of a lot of people from very different persuasions who more or less got along. As long as we could come to a consensus to be irritated by Ennui, Kjo, and Meade we could agree on something.




Fuck. What a moving obituary. It’s clear that he was loved by people that closely resembled Brian’s own sensibilities and talents. One of my biggest regrets is not being able to totally capture my wife’s own life in her obituary.

I had no idea he was from Poplar Bluff. Through work, I have spent a lot of time in Poplar Bluff. What a weird town. It feels like that town was filled with people like him. Great people who aren’t so devout to their own bullshit that they aren’t unable to grow. Ironically, Poplar Bluff is very close in proximity to Cape Girardeu, home of Rush Limbaugh.


i’d consider myself the same willie
libertarian democrat

although libertarians are more democrat than democrats…IF we go by the old definitions.

i’ve long disenfranchised myself from the likes of any ron paul and i only briefly thought i liked rand paul but he just kept sucking so fuck that guy. that little guy out of kentucky is a good libertarian and i wish we had more of them

i like gary johnson too




i’m exhausted so if i’m not making sense…that’s why


I have been following Brian’s YouTube page for many years. Some great music. His writing was really great too. I wish I could read his short story he posted (probably on the old .org) one more time.

Here’s a link to his youTube page:


I had a Ron Paul sticker on my car in 2008 “Ron Paul - He’s ready to leave you alone”

I always thought it was funny that some would read it as “Hell, yes! he’s ready to leave me alone!” and some would read it as “Wait, what? I don’t want to be alone!”

I fell away from that over the years as well. When I watched the Anarchist documentary on HBO and he was speaking in Cabo I was filled with a massive amount of cringe.


I can’t imagine having to write my wife’s obituary, let alone do a job of it which I felt was worthy.

If you’re carrying that around with you, give yourself a break. Or at least call a truce with yourself about it.


Essential read if you are going to seriously follow through with a libertarian agenda.


Or the short version.



Not a whole lot of black libertarians, I’m just saying. It’s an easy stance to take from the ruling class perch but abdicates any responsibility for others not as fortunate. It’s de facto racism in a nation rife with systemic race issues.

It’s ‘sorry about your lot in life bro, but we cool, right?’


I was going to say something, but I asked myself if I thought Rod actually thinks we’re all born on the same level and believes bootstrapping to be the cure-all and was like, nah. He must just believe in education overhaul or hates paying taxes or something….

But yeah, being a libertarian is for people who think affirmative action is reverse racism. For people who think reverse racism exists.


It’s a fundamentally ahistorical viewpoint. We have hundreds of years of evidence that warn against it. It’s just feel good psychology at a base level.


Seems like a bit on interest in this topic. Should we make a new thread?


You use ‘it’ without making a specific noun reference that ‘it’ can refer back to. This muddles the meaning and can lead to easy misinterpretation. Can you be more specific?