RIP thread


Sad news.

I’m a bit in shock. This is the first I’ve heard of this.

The guy definitely went out at the top of his game. He was one artist who’s music and songwriting, in my opinion, never went downhill. His songs are consistent in quality from his earlier stuff to his most recent.


Fucking awful day :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:


Different news organizations are walking back their Tom Petty Dead at 66 stories. Evidently he’s not dead yet.



KEXP announced the heart attack then confirmed his death earlier today. They’re walking it back too. Wish I could be more hopeful but it feels like he’s basically gone.


Tom Petty, legendary rocker, alive at 66.


Goddamn you.


Oddly enough, in all my 800 or so albums and CDs, I don’t own one Tom Petty record.

I’ve always liked his music and respected him, but I guess never felt I needed to buy his records to hear the music.


Shit, dougo. Must fill Dropbox for you. The Live Anthology is really great and Wildflowers is one of my all time favorite albums.


I love his odd ball stuff. The soundtrack to She’s the One is an all time favorite although he didn’t really acknowledge that album much. The two Mudcrutch albums are great too.


I put in the live anthology and a few albums. I like the She’s The One soundtrack too.

I have a lot more if anyone wants something.


Woke up saw this news Dead at 66, turn on the news a bit later, now fighting for his life ! ? Seems he may be with us a bit longer ?? TBC


I had to go home sick today for myself and my lil one

We e been watching runnin down a dream documentary since

I’ve puked a ton
Sophia has a fever of 102

And Tom Petty makes us both feel better


Sorry to hear that. I hope you’re both feeling better soon.


We watched two hours of TP YouTube videos when I got home from work.

Though it sounds like he has not officially died yet, they said he was brain dead and was taken off life support. I don’t think there’s much hope at this point but I’d love to be wrong.


Posted a few days ago on TP website about the huge 40th anniversary tour they just completed:

“It’s 1:22 a.m., and the last lighting, video and sound cases are getting loaded up and pushed off the stage at the Hollywood Bowl, where Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers played three incredible sold-out, hometown shows to close out the band’s 40th Anniversary tour,” reads the blog post. “Fifty-three shows. Twenty-four states. Twelve lighting crew. Eleven truck drivers. Nine in Production. Seven sound guys. Six backline crew. Six months. Five opening acts. Three countries. Three riggers. One legendary band and over one million legendary fans. Thank you to all!”


Yeah, apparently you can stand him up at the gates of hell
But he won’t back down


It’s starting to look that way. He’s dragging his own damn heart around.


Confirmed by his manager, RIP Tom P .


Back to ugh.