RIP thread


Nope. I’m not free fallin’ for this shit again.


“far away from your trouble and worry, you belong somewhere you feel free.” :sunflower:


Vile media wanting to to be the first ones on a story, accurate or not. I’m sure those trigger happy news outlets are learning patience now.

The waiting is the hardest part.


I get what you are saying, but evidently this is on the LAPD. This is what they tweeted.
“initial information was inadvertantly provided to some media sources.”


Its more important to be first than right, evidently.


That’s for damn sure.

I’m loving the tribute today. He had SO many great songs.


His band was called The Heartbreakers.

Strap in, I’m dispensing heavy insights.



I’ve read some really great tributes on Twitter today. Look for what Warren Haynes said. Lucinda Williams, Ryan, and Wussy. All great.

Still doing a double take every time I see his picture with the dates. Just really sad.



my friend in Dallas went to see Wilco last night, was hoping they might to a TP song…they played “The Waiting” at the end of show, maybe for encore. Hope to find a video or a SBD of this show.



Thanks… that Live Anthology is great!



someone said Miley Cyrus was on howard stern and she covered Wildflowers and that it brought them to their knees.

this cover i have to hear!!!






brought them to their knees barfing? that’s what he must have meant. :slight_smile:



i couldn’t even get through the first minute.

if you’re going to listen to that song then just put on the original.