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I love the way she shushes the crowd when they start clapping. I wish more artists could pull that off.


i just watched this one.

what a lady!


The Roll Hall of Fame announced the nominees for induction into the 2019 Rock Hall class.

Def Leppard
Janet Jackson
John Prine
LL Cool J
Rage Against the Machine
Roxy Music
Stevie Nicks
the Cure
Todd Rundgren
Rufus & Chaka Kahn
the Zombies

(the bolded selections are my choices, I guess)


The Zombies are really the only one that interests me, surprised they aren’t already in.


Devo. D E V O.




We feel for the group—they thought they were finally being accepted, but it turns out the cool kids just wanted to embarrass them.” At press time, the organization had inducted the Dave Matthews Band instead.


P.S. I saw The Cure at the end of my senior year of high school. My friend and I didn’t look the part like the majority of the crowd, but it was a great time!


This years class:
Pat Benatar
Duran Duran (first-time nominee)
Eminem (first-time nominee, first year eligible)
Dolly Parton (first-time nominee)
Lionel Richie (first-time nominee)
Carly Simon (first-time nominee)

I don’t really give a fuck about any of these artists… nor do I consider any of them Rock and Roll.


I would rank the nominees:

  1. Dolly
  2. Dolly
  3. Dolly
    (for the record, Dolly is more punk than rock n’ roll)


Pat Benatar not being inducted until this year is a joke when you consider the Foo Fighters (mainly because of Grohl’s influence) were inducted their first year of eligibility. Not to mention that it took way too long to induct Carole King as a performer!

I’m bummed Devo didn’t make it for the third time.

I’m not surprised Beck wasn’t a first ballot inductee.


I was with you until the last one (but not in disagreement just confused…) why?


I really think it’s more for who they can get to come on their awards show… like every other one of those stupid awards shows.


I think Beck definitely deserves to be in there (he’s my favorite musician of all time), I’m just not surprised that he wasn’t chosen on his first year of eligibility. He was obviously a critic’s darling, but I don’t see Beck or his people campaigning really hard for him to be in there. I’ve listened to quite a few episodes of the podcast Who Cares About The Rock Hall. Often, an artist’s PR or label have quite a bit of influence. A person like Dave Grohl knows how to play the game. They show up and induct other acts…not to mention that he was also on the nominating committee the year the Foo Fighters were inducted. I also don’t think it matters much to Beck.


That’s also a big part of it. I think a big reason Chicago was finally inducted was because there was a chance Peter Cetera was going to actually be there. That would have been a big story.


he’s my favorite musician of all time

This is WILD to me. I had a time in my life when he was my favorite too, but it was between the ages of 14 and 16 and definitely had to do with hormones.


Yeah, he played a big part in my life when I was in high school and after. I already loved him before Midnite Vultures came out, but that album meant so much to me as a kid that loved alternative music and cheesy 90’s R&B. I appreciated the confusing dichotomy. Not everything Beck has done has been stellar, but there isn’t an artist I look more forward to hearing their newest albums.


I like some of Beck’s stuff, the more acoustic albums like Sea Change and Morning Phase. Of course, when I hear one of his other songs randomly, I always like it, so there’s that. I did like Hyperspace.

PS: Why is it called the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and yet they insist on including artists that aren’t rock and roll? Why not just call it the Music Hall of Fame?


Midnite Vultures was literally the only thing I asked for for my 14th birthday. I got it and I still have it. Ahaha!

Edited to add because I know you’ll find the anachronism delightful: I had to ask for it for my birthday because I did not win the Seventeen Magazine postcard drawing for a copy of it. I also have a vintage issue that includes a fan recounting getting his autograph and how he signed with an algebraic equation that was also a pickle joke. I used to write that x with his name in each section from the back of the album on the wall in the shower and on all the steamy car windows. This is all more shit for the inane anecdotes thread. I speak in riddles (actually just inanities).