Ryan Adams Album Covers Revisited


fucking brilliant!

my acct is suspended so i can’t post em anymore.


By what right or excuse did they suspend your account?


His association with a known child pornographer?


suspended because i used the word asshole…in describing behaviors in a scenario that was defending both men and women.

basically ridiculous and don’t care. i said an asshole at 20 is an asshole at 40 is an asshole at 60


went back and listened to that podcast to make sure i’m not crazy.

in the texts and screenshots ava shares w/ ryan her youtube vids…they talk about them…ryan saw from those youtubes that she was 15…asked later on for her id…in the hottest possible way and said don’t tell your mom.

this went on for 9 months


How long is it suspended?


6 days


Also known as a millennial life sentence. Hard time.


Try using a-hole instead.


nah. doesn’t have the same “feel”


Try using a hole instead then.


Or a whole bunch of aholes


Nick, this seems like a healthy distraction/project.

Also, the timing with the Neverland and R Kelly news items is just the, um, was going to say cherry, on a sundae, but I won’t.


I know I already did Gold, but whatever


define “healthy”


Okay, so this is the best thing on this site…EVER!


Thanks man. This one was the most difficult


these are just so fucking good.

i mean, i love shit that is in “poor taste” (twitter and reddit, not my words) and these are so well done. whether you #believeryan or #believewomen these are just funny.



This one is my favorite so far!