Ryan Adams apologizes for Mandy Moore tweets


Sigh…some things never change


It’s like punching a cripple. Mandy has the rep of being a nice person, and now has a huge fan base from her new show’s success.

Only a complete choad would talk shit on her on social media. Then apologize.

We live in an apology culture.


Is it possible that he is a member here?


Always possible that he lurks since this is kind of sprung off RA stuff.

Think maybe he’s exhausted all his “friends” in real life?


I kinda doubt he is here. I will give him credit for that. He was really obsessed circa 2002 - 2007 or so about what people were saying about him online, but I think he walked away.


I know he trolled the old alt-country board. His fapping to posts here just wouldn’t surprise me.


he also apologized to FJM as well too also.


In addition.


If dude is in pain, I have painkillers.

You know what kind of sucks? I’d be more tolerant of his bullshit if the music was still good. I kind of suck like that.


i don’t want to see anyone go through breakdowns or "crumble"
we all have our shit and demons to get through but ryan is and has been his own worst enemy in a lot of this and i am not sure he’ll ever come to accept it or believe that…till then, it’ll be ups and downs and make ups and breaks ups sorry i’m sorry i’m not sorry i’m sorry.



I wonder if being a Ryan Adams fan will one day become being a Ted Nuggent fan?


god i hope not.


I got off Facebook because I couldn’t stand the poor me bullshit. I’m a compassionate person so going through a so called breakdown to hundreds or thousands of people you may or may not know just pisses me off. I would care, but you’re just looking for affirmation from strangers. Does that help at all or is it just a crutch at the expense of your “followers”?


I should’ve read this first. I’m an impulsive manchild


Yeah, his tweets weren’t funny but the way she chose her words in that interview seem hurtful.
If an ex said something like that about me to others and it got back to me I would be like, "WTF???"
It would pretty much ruin my day if I read it in a magazine interview.
I hope she makes correct choices from now on and that Ryan moves on from that.



That’s National Enquirer stuff right there. All one sided and from an unnamed source.
I do not believe she suffered for 6 years like some martyr. :roll_eyes:


“Journalism” these days seems to be all centered around what the publication believes their readership wants to read. They really have nothing to say, other than what their people want to hear. Most of it is going to be either made up or contrived to fit their template.

I certainly don’t care enough about either of those people to want to read that story.


Yeah, especially when this was printed in 2012.

Another reason Moore is putting off motherhood for the time being: She’s hard at work on a new album!
in July, Moore revealed that she’ll enlist Adams to help out with her seventh studio effort.
“There’s tremendous influence right now around the house,” she told the site, adding that the pair have been writing together. "From the music I’ve been introduced to, and being very happy and in a healthy, relationship. I think that still garners a lot of material to write about."


It seems inarguable that he is a narcissist, and the sort that is made more concretely so by achieving enough success before their frontal fully develops. Becomes harder to stop being a selfish piece of shit.