Ryan Adams lost career


So I read that Ryan finished recording an album in March but he hated how it sounded so he threw away the master tapes.

I wonder what that album was like… do you think it was worse than Cardinology?

I heard him recording last winter so maybe I’m one of the few to hear pieces of the Lost Album


I think I recall him making comments about that on Instagram or something. This seems to be the case almost yearly now, no?

I heard some snippets of whatever he was working on a few months ago, sounded somewhat interesting – seems like it’s deeper down the rabbit hole of that 80s sound he’s been pushing the past 3–4 years. We’ll see if it ever comes out… like that Blackhole album he’s been peddling for the past 8 years.


Could give less fucks than a Catholic Priest in the vacuum of space. I can’t believe this is the twat that brought most of us together so long ago. It’s sad that he maintains the level of ego that he does and yet his star is fading out. Fuck that guy in his Black Hole.


Wow! The level of vitriol. That was beautiful.


Wait. Don’t you rifle through his garbage? You didn’t find the tapes?


I gotta side with most of the sentiment in this thread: I just don’t give two shits what he does anymore. I’ll listen to the overproduced schlock he puts out every three years now, but mainly just for nostalgia. He managed to become a boring mainstream rocker without even getting that famous. Congrats to him.


I noticed he deleted his instagram account after posting some emotionally unstable comments on pictures. He was also talking about how his family’s neighborhood in Jacksonville was flooded by the hurricane. He made one post where he said he hadn’t heard whether they were ok or not then never followed up with an update.


Seriously. If anyone deserves surprise asshole cancer it’s that guy. Little diva bitch. He’s the guy crawling around on the ground during a bar fight. He’s the guy that creeps on your girl behind your back but claims he just does better with female friends when it’s time to have his ass handed to him. He’s fucking Glen Danzig in this video:

He’s fucking useless to me anymore. NONE of his old stuff is in rotation anymore because I can’t fucking stand what this sad cunt became several years ago. I sincerely hope that he’s in an abusive relationship with Miley Cyrus and she keeps him on a fucking boot strap tether.



I have to agree with Monkey here to an extent – I still listen to him, but not nearly as much as I used to. Maybe it’s because I’ve changed, but I don’t think that’s the case. After observing what’s happened on Instagram and whatever else, the it’s all kind of soured on me. Which totally shouldn’t matter in terms of what the music means to me; though I suppose after seeing who he “is”, I’ve realized I can’t identify with his characters in his songs anymore. Though I have found after not taking anything he posts seriously on any form of social media, and generally not following it, I can come back to the music. Kind of, we’ll see.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I don’t follow him on any social media. I’m largely unaffected by what he says, does and promises.

His music is always there when I want it and I still go through periods where I’ll listen to some, but also periods when I don’t.

Just no longer even curious about what he’s up to or saying.


He’s a piece of shit. petty and immature.

Here he is on instagram shitting on his ex…and then he likes to stalk mandy and fuck w/ her husband…


…Motion Sickness revealed the precocity of her songwriting. The standout single from Stranger in the Alps, it has amassed more than half-a-million views on YouTube and is an exquisite evisceration of a former lover. “I faked it every time,” she sings, before landing another blow to the solar plexus: “And why do you sing with an English accent?/ I guess it’s too late to change it now.”

The song, she tells me, is about the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Ryan Adams, whom she met in 2015. “A mutual friend in LA was like, ‘Ryan would like you’. He really was just trying to get me recording and trying to get Ryan to hear me, but Ryan was like, ‘Let me see a picture of her’.” Bridgers says that she and Adams “ended up hanging out all night and recording a song together called Killer. Then, a couple of weeks later, he was suddenly trying to hook up with me. I was super-down and had just broken up with my high-school boyfriend. We slept together on his 40th birthday and I’d just turned 20.”

She wrote Motion Sickness after they broke up. What did he think of it? “We were back on good terms by then but after I sent him the song he didn’t talk to me for 24 hours. Then he sent me a sweet text saying ‘it’s a great song’,” she says. “Yes, interesting character…”

full article here:



Moore then touched on her first marriage to musician Ryan Adams, which ended in a “devastating” divorce.

“It didn’t sour my idea of romance or marriage or monogamy. I just chose the wrong person,” she said. When Stern said she should have done a Braff with Adams and just done “two years in and out,” Moore joked, “Maybe less!”

Though she denied Adams cheated on her, she explained, “We’re just different, we were not meant to be. It was a very lonely life. Someone who’s obsessed with themselves and obsessed with their work and wasn’t able to be a partner or husband. The anger subsided for me now. I have so much distance from it now, I have a different perspective.”

She added that new fiance Taylor Goldsmith “couldn’t be more diametrically opposite” of her ex. “Life is good, I feel very lucky,” she added. Moore also said she’s “ready” for kids, but will have to time it out with her “This Is Us” shooting schedule. “I jump around in time, so it would be weird playing an older lady with a pregnant belly,” she joked.



He is pretty much fit to be on Vanderpump Rules or some other LA based reality show about shitty self-absorbed a-holes.

Absolutely no growth as a human being, and he’s past 40. Lost cause.



I think he’s got the past on his breath.


Isbell :slight_smile:


Somebody has a lot of time on their hands.

Here’s how I feel in general: Of course I wish the musicians whose music I loved were also nice awesome people, but I know that’s not the case. The Black Crowes are my favorite band and two brothers hate each other. I see fans taking sides and only supporting one brother. Who cares? It’s between them and has nothing to do with me. I still listen to and support them both and it does not change how I feel about their music. Jerry Garcia was a heroin addict. A lot of musicians we love are or were drug addicts. So Ryan is immature and doesn’t have a good history with women. He’s not my husband and his love life doesn’t make much of a difference to me. He’s not abusing anyone. I still love his (old) music. I also don’t listen like I used to but it’s not bc of his divorce or online activity. If he was putting out music and playing shows like he was 10-15 years ago it’d be different I’m sure.

He might be a dick but you don’t have to be friends with him. They can’t all be Josh Ritter. Rant over.