Ryan Adams lost career




You can’t triple stamp a double stamp


I don’t…yes I can.



Not good days at PaxAm…


I don’t get it.


Stamps? One of my colleagues has a tramp stamp.

Regarding all of this behavior, it’s like Jim Carey says, “I wish everyone could get rich and famous and see how little impact it has on finding true happiness.”


I agree with that. Rich people are some of the most miserable fucks. I’m sure famous people are too.


I see he’s back off the social media again

A divorce and losing a brother all I. The span of a couple years are surely taking its toll
That, and he has never really known how to use a filter and/or play nice and/or fair

He can dish it out so to speak…


I mean I think we all give each other a certain amount of leeway. If someone being a dick to me on Faithless Street.org bothered me that much I just wouldn’t come here anymore.

Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha

— Tyler, The Creator (@tylerthecreator) December 31, 2012


I like Crossed Out Name – but I do think the demo he posted on YouTube, and the live version from Live After Deaf are better than the album version


Rename thread: Ryan Adams lost career.




I haven’t listened to RyRy for a long time… But since the shit hit the fan (no pun intended) for him, I went back and downloaded everything he’s done… Pretty much everything from the last 10 years sounds so derivative, I wonder how the fuck he still has an audience. Rewind twenty years to him playing those solo shows like the exit/Inn gig, it’s timeless perfection of a sort, and you wonder just where it all went wrong… Heroin comedown, maybe? That run in 2005 was his peak IMO. Should have quit then. Allowing taping now would be like listening to the Speaking Clock.


Like you, I stopped really listening a long time ago and you know how much I used to love going to the gigs but it just was not doing it for me anymore.
In terms of new material, the last batch of songs that stopped me in my tracks was when the Elizabethtown material started circulating, and I’m guessing they would have been written circa, 2005.

They say that Marc Bolan only had 5 songs and just kept rewriting the same 5 songs over and over.

Anyhow, I’d be interested in hearing a best of comp covering my missing years of 2009-2019 so I can catch up.


Be more of an EP to be honest.


10 songs at the most


0 songs needed or interested in here. I thought I had deleted all of his stuff in digital and then a really good song of his came up on my shuffle because it was listed under Unknown Artist. It kind of pissed me off. I’ll admit that I don’t understand how someone can listen to this guy now. It’s kind of odd to know that some of your friends are thinking, “Hey, that guy is a total cunt and took advantage of women. Should we make a new Ryan Adams mix now?”.

Fuck all of you.



whoa whoa.
no one is making a mix

easy tiger!


New mix is called the Skype Sessions