Ryan Adams lost career


My problem with him is who he is “at large” his public representation of his character doesn’t just muddy the waters here. He’s a full on asshole that doesn’t have the decency to keep his douche factor in check. He’s a celebrity star fucker/name dropper who will shit on anyone who doesn’t absolutely agree with him or suck his ego’s dick. I am a fan of other artists that I know are jerks. The difference is they have the sense to mute it a bit.


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Better to stay off Social Media channels. Just pick one and occasionally post.



lb, i didn’t do any of that research it was from a thread over on tby.org

but ryan is an asshole and i’ve not liked him since he went on the RAA and .org and berated his fans.

remember him and excowboy battling it out and gary didn’t do shit but ryan through him and everyone else under bus cause they wouldn’t suck his ego’s dick


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That is not to say or take away from what Ryan’s music means to me or my brother.

It was a soundtrack for my 20’s and some of my 30’s and largely because the music he made then was better and it moved me and my brother in a large way.

I was sad to learn a personal music hero of ours was not a nice person


I think this last line pretty much sums up how I feel, which was rather verbose above.


I met Ryan once and he was very nice.


I don’t think that his current behavior spoils his older music as much as the fact that I’ve listened to all of that stuff enough that there’s no real insight to be gained from it at this point.

I’m also pretty sure at this point that he has nothing left to give even from his back catalogue that is of any value.


I’ve met him too…
He was real nice but also self absorbed and had to have the spot light…
It would be about 2 yrs and then he stopped allowing sbd’s and went out of his way to attack his fans and one of em is a dear friend!!!


The whole soundboard thing bugs me too. It’s one thing to stop soundboard distribution if you’ll end up selling them (look at Wilco, they sell pretty much every show, and it’s awesome. You can get a copy of the show you went to/want for a good price, and it all goes back to the band), but he’s not doing that – just releasing a select (acoustic only) show every 5 years or so. I don’t see how this makes much sense financially, and with respect to being good to fans, whatever that last part means; you could make the case that he doesn’t owe us any live shows, and that’s totally fine/true. I guess I keep harping on this live thing because it’s clearly a missed opportunity for everyone involved.

Sorry for the repeated rants!


This is all pretty entertaining, alright I’m back in. :sunglasses:

For real though, I don’t care who my favorite artists are as people (as long as they aren’t rapists, murderers or …GASP…Republicans). Ryan is obviously a narcissist but you’d have to be to write 20 albums about your own life. So on one level we celebrate those tendencies in the output and then tear the person down when we see that in their personal lives and behavior. Honestly I just care about the music. He can be extremely online and bitchy all he wants (he still has me blocked on Twitter). But when the music suffers that’s when I have an issue. And frankly his output the past 10 years has been mediocre at best.


“Ryan is obviously a narcissist but you’d have to be to write 20 albums about your own life.”

But…he lies all the time, so…


i don’t know…ryan is and has been a special kind of little bitch.

at least the music could kind of back it up…pre 2007
but lately, the last 4 years, have just been too much…

what’s cute in your 20’s isn’t so fucking attractive anymore in his mid 40’s…so, just like anyone here, i reserve the right to the opinion that he is a fuckwad adn i will eagerly await to hear what he puts out next. i still put on live at carnegie and other albums he put out…but things can lose their luster when the turd bucket that is ryan adams keeps spinning that douche wheel over and over.


I think part of the issue at least for me is that he doesn’t channel the grief/frustration or the life events into the art as much. (Or his lyrics or just so boring it feels neutered.) He could’ve written his version of Blood on the Tracks after his divorce from Mandy. But instead we got two albums of over-produced 80s schlock with some quality tracks peppered in here and there. These days I think Ryan uses his music to disappear into or hide within, rather than back in the day he used it to open up a little more. For me that’s probably the biggest thing I don’t connect with in his newer work. It often feels rote and very impersonal.


i think we all agree the bar has been lowered in terms of “quality” tracks since Crapiology was released.


Ashes and Fire and the self-titled album were both strong and a huge step back into his early form imo but I think Prisoner was a slide back toward the days of Cardinology.

If his next album is like Prisoner I might not stay on as an RA fan. I might still buy any future albums but probably won’t go to his shows anymore


He should probably scale back his own productions and focus on producing more work from promising young artists like Phoebe Bridgers