Ryan Adams lost career


It would be great if he could make an album with someone else and maybe get some different influence but he seems like a control freak.


I love the idea of him collaborating with others to make records and tour, but he’s burned so many bridges it seems.


yeah. like if he wanted to …he could tour w/ the stringdusters and fucking slay it…but he wants to focus on bashing people on twitter and insta


I guess that’s what it all comes down to. It’s not about the music anymore, it’s about his ego.


If that were the case, his music would be bigger and more fully developed than it is.


It’s very self conscious.


Apparently it’s not a grower.


ryan had a self declared “nervous breakdown” and took two weeks off the social media…said he was back and well adn then just posted this:


So 8th grade. She doesn’t like your cool band or cool movie.

Grow up and understand that human attraction is not a hip-test of materials and attitudes.


just a shower.


Jesus Christ what a fucking baby.




He’s trying so hard to stay 20 something. It’s pathetic. Okay, you like pinball and Slayer and art books and sci fi but still you’re 45 FUCKING YEARS OLD. It’s pathetic. Did I say it’s pathetic?


Hey I remember my start with Mandy: she sang a hit song about candy and I started jerking off to her.

What a scumbag


For those of you shut out from his twitter: Kathleen Edwards tried to talk sense to him - no response other than trolls. He’s getting even more whiny but typing it out to look like haiku. Style counts. Cats, cats, sadness, poor me, whaaaa. Life hurts, whaa. I’ll let you know if I see anything else.


Fuck that guy. I don’t usually want to fight someone and risk prosecution or my freedom but I’d beat his ass if we were ever face to face. Fuck him. :smiley:


My money would be on angry monkey.


if only i could remember the start. lol


Lol what a nozzle


I’m serious. I think I’d have to give him a few open hand slaps to let him know what a little bitch he is.