Ryan Adams lost career


if only!


> Mandy Moore, national treasure, was once married to Ryan Adams, national pot-stirrer, and in a recent interview with Glamour, she spoke candidly — but with no ill will! — about their divorce. “I don’t feel guilty for it. I don’t fault myself for it. When people said, ‘I’m sorry,’ I was like, ‘No. Sorry would have been had I stayed in a very unhealthy situation.’ I didn’t,” she said. “I found my way out. And when I did, things opened back up again.” Moore is now engaged to a different rock dude and is TV married to perfect male specimen, Jack Pearson, so you could say her life is peachy. Meanwhile, Adams is bitter. Catching wind of a pull quote from that interview, via Perez Hilton, in which Moore also said their marriage was “not the smartest decision. I didn’t choose the right person,” he has responded on Twitter how only your douchebag liberal-arts-major ex would.


and a nice and unnecessary dig at FJM

and who is booker? i think he and monkey will beat up ryan





He sure knows what to say to make sure his nutbag fans stay with him. He’ll be back at it tomorrow calling ex g/f’s awful in bed and ripping other musicians.


The litany of idiocy here is striking, and not just from him.

Diluted instead of deluded.

YOURE instead of your.

And more.

Oh yeah…Ryan’s post with 59 likes. 59. Yup, about the amount a whinging 8th grader would get from his mates at school.

In a related story, Alt-J is just godawful. Just absolute garbage.


all of that goes w/ out saying. and i agree wholeheartedly.


I’m sorry but most of this is hilarious and only makes me like him again. At least he’s a funny dick. I loved Frightened Rabbit so that one irks me a little, but Ryan is a self-absorbed ass. We’ve always known that. And yeah, Alt-J is unlistenable. It’s secretly Adam Sandler fronting a shitty Amnesiac-era Radiohead cover band.

Let’s be honest though. A lot of the people we know in real life do the same shit online, or at least have in moments of weakness. Again, I’m not holding him to a higher standard than anyone else on Twitter, FB or Instagram.


You know, at least when Kanye is publicly going crazy we still have good music.


Do you like Ye? I refused to listen to it. Still love his beats, but producing 5 short albums in a few months was a dumb publicity stunt. The Pusha T album is pretty good though.


No. It’s awful. I like the Pusha T album…that’s it from this crop. I really like Kanye’s music generally. Which makes this all suck.


A lot of the people we know in real life do the same shit online, or at least have in moments of weakness.

most people, yourself included, don’t like it when people in real life are assholes on line…so why does ryan get a pass but ely or high life don’t? not to stir the pot…but it made me think of it and so i have to ask.


Everyone seems to love when I’m an asshole online.


A friend of mine and I were discussing Kenye West last night and he said he thought his name was Kenny.

For some reason I just found that hilarious.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a song by him, and I’m fine with that.


Kenny West was on The Cleveland show. :stuck_out_tongue: the voice of Kanye.


Really? Is that a Simpson’s spin-off?


Cleveland Brown was a character on Family Guy who got his own show for a few seasons. I thought it was really funny. He eventually went back to Family Guy I think. They had celebrity guests do voices a lot, just like family guy.


We’ve been streaming KUTX at work. It’s an excellent radio station in Austin. Much better than KEXP up here. They just played RA’s “Two” and yes it is shit.