Ryan has a tour in the works


Last night he couldn’t sleep and was on Twitter saying ask me anything and I’ll answer. Someone asked about black hole and another unreleased album and Ryan said:


Three hours, no opener sounds great to me! :+1:t2:


Yeah, and he has never claimed something big was going to happen which never happened (sorry, hard to take the guy seriously after all these years)


sorry not sorry.

ryan is the master douche of over promising and under delivering.



New tour dates.


Seriously. Fuck him.


As a marketer, I am overly sick of the notion of offering ‘experiences.’ While I know we may want to blame millenials for thinking they can simply accumulate experiences like postcards, it’s more the overuse of the concept by lazy marketers that gives me hives.

But I am an iconoclast and trends bore and at times irritate me, even more so when they are language-based.


I’m not interested in any extras or pinball experiences. I already got to meet Ryan once and he was nice as can be. I’m satisfied with that!!

I do hope he tours the US and I hope he comes to Louisville. If he does I will surely be there.


so monkey is fucking ryan???


He wishes


“specially curated Ryan Adams gallery”

gallery of what exactly?


At this point i’m more of a Neal Casal fan than of Ryan Adams. He’s accomplished more of what’s relevant to me since the demise of the Cardinals.

Having said that, i’m hopeful for some good new music from him.


Circles Around the Sun are opening for Greensky Bluegrass right now. Neal came out with Greensky over the weekend for Let It Ride! Very cool. I caught the end of it from the stream.


That’s awesome. Sounds like a great show, love Greensky Bluegrass.



His self promotion needs work. I don’t know.


This guy just said he might quit music and you all are upset at his pinball lair.

I can’t keep up.


I thought he had quit to be honest.


I’d like him to quit. Maybe take up playing pinball full time and shut his fucking mouth.