Ryan has a tour in the works


i literally thought he was into plumbing (not electrical)? This guy can’t keep his fuckin bullshit and lies straight…baby goats…lol ol soft cock ryan wouldn’t know what to do w/ out a starlet starfucker clinging to his every last breath.


The tour is bigly.


"this band is gonna blow your freaking mind"
until they get tired of his shit 1/3rd of the way through the tour.


I’m trying to remain optimistic. If he comes here to Kalamazoo and the ticket prices are reasonable, i’d go.


Ryan Adams Fans:

Trying to stay optimistic since '06


You guys are a tough crowd.

I think I’ll stop posting info about Ryan’s upcoming tour.



I just realized something. He looks like the product of an apple and a dirty mop fucking.


I think he did plumbing under duress. No one who has a choice goes back to school to do plumbing. I installed a bidet once and that was enough.


or more like porky pig w/ a giant amazon pussy hat on top???


I hate it too, but touring is seriously the only way artist make money now that people don’t buy albums. The “experience” is what they hope entices someone that saw him two years ago to see him again.


What other than booze makes your face swell up like that?


“No opener…3 sets…3 hours”

So basically he wants to be Phish?


He’s been getting that ‘grown-up’ face for years now. Still the same hairdo.

I noticed it more when he moved to LA and seemingly started working out or something. Stopped being a skinny little shit.


He kinda looks like he always has a Lenny Dykstra-like dip in.


you nailed it


Far too much in my opinion so going to pass this one.