Ryan is releasing 3 new albums apparently...



Surely there will be one good song in there?



I dont know he shouldn’t push himself so much at his age. Could have a stroke or something


He’ll turn into Julian Casablancas



I’d rather talk about how I butchered my balls with an electric razor then about Ryan Adams.


that’s not a real album cover is it?

if so. lame


I could Photoshop better album covers on a 2004 Mac. Maybe he likes it that way(?)


I don’t think the guy has ever had an album with good art.


So Katy Tur is breaking music news now?


stranger’s almanac is my fave cover and i like the love is hell cover


01 “Big Colors”
02 “Do Not Disturb”
03 “It’s So Quiet, It’s Loud”
04 “Fuck The Rain”
05 “Doylestown Girl”
06 “Dreaming You Backwards”
07 “I Surrender”
08 “What Am I”
09 “Power”
10 “Showtime”
11 “In It For The Pleasure”
12 “Middle of the Line”
13 “I’m Sorry and I Love You”
14 “Manchester”
15 “Summer Rain”


More isn’t necessarily better, but if this is true - which is certainly up for discussion - it seems like good news.

I’d take one good album.


He’s working with veterans who probably won’t put up with a man baby. I’m encouraged.


Anthony Mason from CBS just posted the tracklist for Wednesdays: https://twitter.com/AnthonyMasonCBS/...15733523767296

features Emmylou, Isbell and Benmont!

  1. Walk In The Dark
  2. Who Is Gonna Love Me Now, If Not You
  3. So Anyways
  4. Wednesdays
  5. Lost In Time
  6. It’s Not That Kind Of Night
  7. Somewhere It Is Spring
  8. Poison & Pain
  9. Nobody Wins
  10. Momma
  11. When You Cross Over
  12. Birmingham
  13. Like A Heatwave
  14. Red & Orange Special
  15. Magic Trick
  16. Pennsylvania Moon
  17. Take Me Home


God damn it. I’m now excited.


I really did like Black Hole Bastard Child (B-Sides to whatever the fuck that last album was called).


This certainly sounds encouraging.

Strange that I hadn’t heard anything of these collaborations with Emmylou and Isbell online.

The fact that he has dumped completed albums in the trash before may have made them hesitant to mention it - or perhaps Ryan just enjoys a good surprise/reveal and asked them not to.

I kind of like the fact that he’s “leaking” the news to newsy pundits… Snowden-like.


He’s got Bob Mould and Benmont Tench on board also.


I’m more enthused for Ritter’s new one.